Dail is located on the west side of Loch Etive, and is five miles from a public road. It is accessible by forestry track or by sea.



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Dail: 56.503155, -5.154089
Bonawe Quarry, start of forestry track: 56.450586, -5.224600
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Dail, Argyll and Bute, United Kingdom
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Bonawe Quarry, start of forestry track
Marks the end of the road, and start of the forestry track which leads you through Bonawe Quarry and up the loch. Passable on foot, by mountain or hybrid bicycle or vehicle with high clearance.


Access by land

You will need a vehicle with high clearance. Please do not attempt the journey in a standard vehicle as when you clonk it on a rock I will not come and tow you out and I doubt the AA will either! The track is normally in good condition but it can be slightly affected by the weather. The track runs for five miles along the west side of Loch Etive starting at Bonawe Quarry.

I normally allow 40 minutes from the quarry up to the cottage, even though it is only 5 miles, as you will need to drive with care and the parking area is a five minute walk from the cottage itself. We provide wheelbarrows to get your luggage from the parking to the cottage.

Access by sea

The cottage is a hundred yards from the loch side so access by water is possible, but only if you know what you are doing! Loch Etive is a sea loch, and there are a number of points along its shore from which you can launch a boat or kayak. You must be aware that if you are intending to approach the loch from the open sea, then you will be passing through the Falls of Lora (at Connel) which requires special care and attention to tides. Due to the nature of the loch and the high mountains around it, there can be squalls and unpredictable wind conditions. We strongly advise that you only bring a boat or other craft if you are experienced in similar conditions and locations.